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How Technology is Revolutionizing the Home Improvement Industry

Updated: 12 hours ago

The impact of technology on our daily lives is undeniable. From refrigerators that order more milk when we're running low, to cars that drive themselves. The construction and home improvement industry is no different. Technology has changed the way we do your jobs, run our businesses, and most importantly, how we serve our customers.

Let's rewind a bit and see how things used to be in the home improvement world. Before smartphones and the internet became our go-to sources for everything, homeowners relied on word-of-mouth recommendations, print ads, and the good ol' Yellow Pages to find a reliable contractor. Communication was mainly via phone calls, and contractors would have to visit the site to provide estimates and discuss project details in person. While this worked, it was definitely a slower and less efficient process.

Fast forward to today, and technology has completely changed the game! Let's take a look at some of the biggest ways tech has impacted the industry:

  1. Finding a Contractor: Now, we can easily search online for local contractors like D&G Exteriors, read reviews, and view their portfolios (here's ours). Plus, social media allows us to connect with them and see their latest projects, giving us even more confidence in our choice.

  2. Communication: With smartphones, we can call, text, email, or even video chat with contractors to discuss projects, ask questions, or get updates. This means faster responses and more efficient communication overall.

  3. Virtual Estimates: Remember when contractors had to visit your home just to give you an estimate? Now, with video chat tools like Zoom and photo-sharing apps like Company Cam, they can see your space and provide an accurate estimate without even setting foot in your home. Talk about convenience!

  4. Measurements: Tools like Eagle View and Hover (and many more) make it much easier and safer for contractors to gather the needed measurements for a particular job.

  5. Project Management: Contractors now have access to project management software that helps them track progress, manage budgets, and communicate with clients. This means a more organized and transparent process for everyone involved.

  6. Design Tools: Homeowners and contractors can use 3D design software to create virtual models of their projects, allowing for better visualization and collaboration. This helps ensure everyone is on the same page and reduces the chance of costly mistakes.

  7. Smart Home Features: Technology isn't just changing the way we find and work with contractors – it's also changing our homes. From energy-efficient windows (we like Harvey) and "cool roofs" to smart thermostats, tech advancements are making our homes more comfortable, eco-friendly, and connected.

So, what does all this mean for homeowners? It means that working with a contractor on their home improvement projects is now easier, more efficient, and more transparent than ever before. They can communicate better, make more informed decisions, and have greater control over the outcome of their projects.

If you're in the Boston area and looking for a tech-savvy contractor to help with your home exterior improvement needs, be sure to check out D&G Exteriors ( We're embracing the power of technology to provide top-notch service and results. Happy renovating!


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