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About D&G Exteriors


Full Service Exteriors Contractor

D&G Exteriors is a full service exteriors contractor, serving both residential and commercial customers.  We specialize in building "envelopes" which includes:

Why D&G Exteriors?

As an exteriors contractor, we specialize in solving critical issues for property owners.  We are committed to quality, responsiveness and transparency. So you might ask, what makes D&G different?  We are able to maintain high levels of quality because we use thoroughly vetted and highly skilled craftsmen.  All of our project have a project manager assigned who communicates constantly with the property owner and other stakeholders, and maintains quality control.  We are completely transparent about our work, and document every step of the process.  We are so confident that our quality is , we back our work with an industry leading workmanship guarantee.

Even though we started the business in 2022, we have over a decade of experience solving urgent problems and transforming exteriors from old and outdated to modern, beautiful and durable building envelopes. 

We Use the Best Materials

In addition to quality people, we use the best products on the market.  And we aren't tied to certain manufacturers like some contractors.  We can blend your preferences with what we know to be the best.  Our process always starts with understanding your vision, or the problem you need solved.  From there, we discuss what materials and manufacturers make the most sense for your project.  This includes giving you a variety of options and recommendations to fit your vision and deliver a successful project.

Our Process is Proven

We've been doing this long enough to know to help guide you to a decision that is right for you.  We try to make it easy to narrow down a project scope, choose the right materials, and ultimately choose to the right partner to bring your vision to life.  We will walk you through these three simple steps:

  1. Initial outreach and discovery: You get in touch, either through phone, text or a form on our website.  The first thing we will want to do is schedule a visit at your property (or simply a phone call).  During the visit, we will talk about your goals, your preferences, and your budget & timeline.  We want to learn as much as we can about your project.

  2. Scope and materials: During the initial visit and afterwards, we will work with you to identify a project scope and select the appropriate materials based on your style preferences and budget.  We want to be on the same page with you about what's included in the project and what's not.  

  3. Proposal: Taking everything we've learned up to this point, we will put together a proposal package outlining the whole project, including scope, costs, timelines, and pictures.  We don't just send a quote and disappear though.  We will continue to follow up and answer your questions as they come up, and be transparent about the whole process should you choose to partner with us.

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What makes D&G different

Clear Communication

The number one complaint homeowners have about contractors is poor (or no) communication.  We try our best to communicate throughout the whole process and set clear expectations.  Getting work done on your home shouldn't be a guessing game.


Homeowners want options and convenience.  Too many contractors still rely on paper and handshake promises. At D&G, we use technology whenever we can because it creates a much better experience for our customers.


Answering the phone.  Responding to your questions. Showing up on time.  Communication.  These should be industry standards, but they aren't.  We do our best to show up as professionals.

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